I specialise in providing horticultural services for gardens in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. My rates are $75 per hour depending on complexity, plus cost of materials.

Additional charged apply for the following:

  • Application of fertiliser

  • Green waste removal from site

I can help with any and all of the following.


If you have an empty yard or just a space you want to revitalise, I can help with installing a new garden.

This includes recommending plants suitable for your area's rainfall and sunlight, supplying the shrubs or trees, and potting and planting.


If you have an existing garden which needs taking care of, I help with regular maintenance.

This includes vital activities on:

  • a weekly/monthly cycle, such as weeding, trimming, pruning

  • an annual/seasonal cycle, such as fertilizing


For existing gardens where plants are looking a little worse for wear, I also help with improvement projects.

This often means involves:

  • treating diseased plants

  • adding new complementary shrubs

  • correcting watering schedules

  • fertilizing where necessary


For clients who prefer to do some/all of these gardening activities themselves, I'm happy to come around and provide some expert advice on what their garden needs.

This can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes for a small garden, to several hours for a larger property.

Pressure Washing

Sometimes what a backyard space needs to be brought to life is a good clean of the tiled areas and timber decking.

My tools include a 1800 psi pressure washer, which is guaranteed to get out the nastiest stains and have your space ready to welcome guests in no time.

Irrigation Systems

Water is the lifeblood of any garden, and if you are not watering enough or over-watering your garden will be worse for wear.

Here's how I can help with irrigation systems:

  • adding new sprinkler outlets

  • troubleshooting any blockages

  • adjusting watering schedules to suit your plants and the season

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